Biomass Lab came into existence in 2013. The company is involved in manufacturing (third party*), marketing and supplying of Agricultural Pesticides, Insecticides, Plant Growth Promoters, Organic Pesticide and Bio Fertilizers. Our main agenda is based on providing quality products to the end customers (farmers) without having any kind of compromise, which makes our product widely acceptable by the dealers and famous among the farmers using them.
We have wide range of products which are used in different segments of crops, plants and vegetables having various kinds of problems occurring due to climatic or other factor.

Our Vision: We believe that from our products we could make our farmers more prosperous. The quality bound products will eventually give them good results in their farms making their fields more productive, thus making farmers self-reliable.

Our Mission: With the help of our able team we create best products for the dealers to sell them without any ruckus and also for the end users (farmers) who will eventually gain from the high yield from our quality bound products.

Biomass Lab is currently operating under the able leadership of Dr. Sultan-Ul-Haq. Dr. Haq has always been related to the Agriculture field from the day he joined Indian State Govt. service as Plant Protection Officer (PPO) to the day he retired as Joint Director Agriculture (JDA). Even after retirement he has devoted himself for the betterment of the farmers and the country. By establishing this firm he is doing his best to keep in touch with people related to this sector and eventually sharing his vast experience to them for the upliftment of this sector in the region.

* Meerut Agro Chemical Industries Limited